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All Class Alumni Picnic 1998
All Class Alumni Picnic 1998
(l-r): Denson Dela Paz, Maria Graham '96, Gary Smith '72, Walt Graham '73, Alma Sarmiento Graham '74, Ralph Mora, Walter Graham Jr. '03, Herberta Zuleta '99, Adele Sarmiento '73.
SuHi Alumni Association Meeting
The committee puts on the All Class Alumni Picnic every year on the Second Saturday in August at Swiss Park in Chula Vista. 

Every year hundreds of SuHi Alumni show up for fun and festivities.  It is a great place to find old friends or even relatives and meet new ones.  Its great knowing we all have something in common -- our Alma Mater. 

The following photos were taken at the 2000 Alumni picnic.  Don't miss out next year -- the 2nd Saturday in August from Noon to 4pm at Swiss Park.  Surely some one will be asking about you!
All Class Picnic 2000
All Class Picnic 2000
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