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SuHi Alumni Association
Photo Album

Class of '96: Michelle Bonit and Larizza Villanueva
Submitted by Lysa Luansing '96
Class of '96: Larizza VIllanueva and Lysa Luansing
Submitted by Maria Graham '96
SuHi ASB 1995
L-R:  ?, ?, Ramiro Ramirez, Steven Garcia, Bobby Carrillo (in back), Crystal, Hang Nguyen, Ms. Perrault, Todd Himaka, Ana Aramburo, Holley Cortell, Chrissy Camblin, and Brittanya Murillo.
Submitted by Maria Graham '96
SuHi ASB 1994 at ASB Camp
Top Row (l-r):  Karla Segura, Lourdes Quezada, Janis Milena, Tony Sumontha, Shawna Challis, Brenda LeBaron, and Erica Martinez
Bottom Row (l-r):  Steve Garcia, Ken Aramburo, Sandra Puentes, Ana Aramburo, Maria Graham, Angelica Padilla (with sunglasses), and JoAnne Alano.
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