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Submitted by Eva Keller Urick '84
Eva Keller Urick (class of 84)
with daughter, Brook (9) and son, Jared (4).
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Submitted by Aurea Carvjal Hine '89 Submitted by Aurea Carvajal Hine '89
Tiffany Sarah Hine
Aurea Carvajal Hine (class of 89), her husband, Gerry Hine, and their two daughters.
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Submitted by Aurea Carval Hine '89
Class of 89 at their 10-year reunion
(l-r): Maribel Ruiz-Ayala and escort,, Ivonne Adrianzen and escort, Claudia Carrillo and escort, Christie Eldridge-Licudine, Monica Osuna, and Deanna O'Brien-Price.
Submitted by Aurea Carval Hine '89
Class of 89 at their 10-year reunion
(l-r): Antonio Martinez, Julio Sevilla, Olga Venegas-Riley, Hayddy Salgado, Antonio Venegas, Brenda Academia-Fejeran and her husband.
Submitted by Rodney Thompson '87
Rodney Thompson '87 and family.  Rodney has been married for two years now and resides in the Clairmont area of San Diego.  His son Brennan was born December 15, 2000.  Rodney is currently an IT manager for a company in the Eastlake area.
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Submitted by Rodney Thompson '87
Submitted by Cheryl Finbeiner '85
Cheryl Finkbeiner, SuHi Class of '85 and nephew Brennan.  CLICK HERE to email Cheryl.
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