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Devil Clipart
The following clipart is used throughout the SuHi Alumni Website.
They are all here in one place for alumni to use in reunion newsletters, mailers and websites for their class.  The sites we have gotten clipart from have told us to feel free to use the clipart, so we feel it is appropriate to make them available to all alumni.  (Either that or I can't remember where I got it on the Internet.) 

If you would like to contribute clipart or songs, please email the webmaster at
webmaster@suhialumni.com.  Thank you!
1.  Right click on an image
2.  Left click on "Save picture as"
3.  Click the down arrow in the "Save in" field at the top
4.  Select where you want the image stored on your computer
5.  Click in the "Save as" field and tyoe in a name for the image
6.  Click on the "Save" Button
SuHi Red Devil
Source: 1971 SuHi Yearbook
Annonymous or lost classmates