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SuHi Alumni Association
Board of Directors
E-mail: almagraham@cox.net
Snail Mail: Sweetwater High School
                   Alumni Association
                   903 Ethel Place
                   National City, CA 91950
                   Phone: (619) 267-3895

Alma Sarmiento Graham '74
                Executive Director
                903 Ethel Place
                National City, CA 91950

                (619) 267-3895

Members: Kathy Prochaska Alvarado '66
                  Alma Graham '74
                  Diane Russell '72
                  Dolores Flores '72
                  Jose 'Peto' Santiago '73
Maria Graham '96
                  Rick Holly '63
                  Penu Pauu Jr. '65
                  Rosalie Toledo Zarate '56
                  Don Childs '52
                  Etta Belle Rice '47
                  Martha Juarez '95
                  Ben Macias '94
    Sweetwater Union High School, nick-named SuHi for short, is the only high school in National City, California.  Established in 1920, it is one of the oldest high schools in San Diego County.  It holds a rich tradition of pride and heritage, passed on through generations of proud students, alumni, teachers, and staff.  The school mascot is the Red Devil and the school trademark is the lantern that hangs overhead at the entrance of the school.  For more history and pictures of Sweetwater High, please visit our History Page.

     The Sweetwater High School Alumni Association is the information center for all alumni classes.  Each class is responsible for their own reunions which of course is dependent upon volunteers from each class stepping forward to plan the events.  Some classes are more active than others.  If your class is planning a reunion the information is relayed to the Alumni Association.  Red Devils calling to inquire about class reunions and activities are referred to the contact person for that class.  If you would like to take part in planning your next reunion, that is the best way to be sure it is as magical and successful as we all hope it will be.   Please contact us and we will let you know which of your classmates have expressed interest as well.  If your class does not hold a reunion it is because no one stepped forward to initiate the planning process!

     The SuHi Alumni Association does host an ALL CLASS ALUMNI PICNIC every year on the second Saturday in August .  Our SuHi Pride is alive and burning year after year.  If your flame needs fanning come on out and get involved!  We would love to see you out there and so would the hundreds of Red Devils in attendance every year.  Even if you did not graduate from Sweetwater, don't worry!  Just join us!  We hope you enjoy browsing around the web site.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact us:
email, snail mail or by phone.  Thank You!

     While you are here please take a moment to
update your address, phone number and email with us.  We are constantly updating the database to better serve our alumni and keep the SuHi Family together.  CLICK HERE to update your information now. 

WANTED:  The Alumni Association is looking for donations of any and all SuHi Memorabilia.  Don't throw away your old high school memories!  Donate them to the alumni archives.  Our historian collects all types of SuHi memorabilia including yearbooks, newspapers, programs, pictures, videos,  souvenirs, t-shirts, hats, uniforms, mascots, writings, decorations, sheet music, recordings, song lyrics, and anything else SuHi-related.  Any remnants found in attics and closets from your SuHi days are greatly appreciated.  If you know anyone who no longer has a use for their memorabilia, please keep us in mind so that their legacy may live on and SuHi Pride and Tradition will be preserved!  Thank you!