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Don't forget the  All Class Alumni Picnic, hosted by the SuHi Alumni Association is August 11th.  Bring the family -- especially all the red devils in your family! 
There WILL be other get-togethers in the future, so please remember to keep your contact info updatedIf there is ever any news or events, I'll let the whole group know.


The scholarship will be award in June at the Senior Awards Assembly,
so you can still donate!! 

5/23/07 Status update: The scholarship committee has received all scholarship applications and is in the process of selecting the two recipients.  The recipients will be announced at the Senior Scholarship Assembly on Friday evening, June 8, 2007.
TO DONATE BY CHECK, send your check payable to:
SuHi Class of '96
1884 East 12th Street
National City, CA 91950
Class of '96 Scholarship
Remember when we were struggling students?  Here is your chance to open your hearts and wallets to donate to our own Class of '96 Scholarship.  Every bit goes a long way!  Feel free to check back here next pay day or every pay day to donate what you can to kids that our following in our footsteps. 
Class of '96 Scholarship $1
Class of '96 Scholarship $5
Class of '96 Scholarship $10
Class of '96 Scholarship $25
You can use a combination of dollar amounts or multiple quantities of a dollar amount to get to the total amount you want to donate. 
Class of '96 Scholarship $50
Class of '96 Scholarship $100